Investment Objective

To maximise long-term capital appreciation in Hong Kong dollar terms and to outperform Hong Kong salary inflation over the long term through a professionally managed portfolio, invested in two or more approved pooled investment funds.

Fund Details

Latest Fund Expense Ratio: 1.97%

Launch Date(dd/mm/yyyy): 01/12/2000

Unit Price: HKD 212.92

Fund Size: HKD 9,460.99M

Fund Commentary

The fund recorded -11.66% return in March. March witnessed the rise and spread of the pandemic, U.S. equities entered bear market territory, government bond yields dropped to the lowest levels ever and oil prices collapsed. From a policy perspective, the Federal Reserve issued two separate out of meeting “emergency” cuts which led the Federal Funds rate to a target range of 0.00%-0.25%. Against this backdrop, the equity markets were uniformly negative, with Hong Kong being the worst detractor, followed by Europe and US. In addition, fixed income also detracted slightly. Our current working assumption is that restrictions to economic activity will begin to be lifted later in the second quarter and that an economic recovery will begin shortly thereafter. That said, there is considerable uncertainty regarding the contour of the growth in cases and subsequent economic recovery.

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