ACE Life new 5-year saving plan offers annual return of 3%

六月 8, 2011
Eddie Choy

ACE Life Insurance, a part of the ACE Group of Companies, has launched a new five-year saving plan with maximum guaranteed return of 3% per year and a two-year payment term.

The Easy 2 Savings Plan which is designed for people aged between zero and 80 will also provide the beneficiary a death benefit equal to 101% of the paid premium or guaranteed cash value (whichever is higher) in the case of the death of the insured during the policy period.

Diana Kwan, vice president & head of marketing and product development, ACE Life Hong Kong, said Hong Kong dollar savings deposit rates in the last few years have been hovering around zero. This product presents the Hong Kongpeople with an opportunity to earn higher interest/returns to hedge again st inflation and at the same time enjoy life protection during the policy period.

The minimum annual payment of the plan will be HK$39,000 or $5,000. Assuming the annual payment to be HK$100,000 and US$10,000, upon policy maturity the cash value will represent a guaranteed return of 2.7% and 3% respectively.

The plan is targeting those who have a big sum in deposits and want some diversification, said Kwan. The firm has not yet put yuan payment as a feature of the policy, but she said yuan product is under development.  

 “The Easy 2 Savings Plan also caters for more financial flexibility. Should customers encounter financial difficulties and are not able to pay the second-year premium, this policy will not lapse. Instead, they will still enjoy a decent guaranteed return per year, upon maturity of the policy on the fifth year,” Kwan added.

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